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Blackbrook Babies has been created to enable the sharing of memories of Blackbrook House when it was a NHS Maternity Unit. Many local people were born at Blackbrook House (near Fareham) or know someone who was delivered at the Maternity Unit during the time it was open.

So, please submit your photos and your stories and share your experiences at this famous landmark building.


Date of Birth: November 1955

Summer 1956, Baby Show at Blackbrook House, 1st prize Elaine with her mother Janet Forder (2nd from right, top row).

A photo of Elaine

Submitted by Janet on 03/04/2013


Date of Birth: November 1957

These are my daughters Elaine and Denise both born at Blackbrook House - in 1955 and 1957. Recently I took a look around the newly renovated Blackbrook House, with owner Stephen Press.

A photo of Denise

Submitted by Janet on 03/04/2013

Elizabeth Matthews

Date of Birth: 13-09-54

I was born at Blackbrook in 1954, my sister Joyce was born there in 1952. Our parents lived in Bishop's Waltham about eight miles away. I was born about 2am. My father bought the family's first television the day I was born.

A photo of Elizabeth Matthews

Submitted by Elizabeth on 24/07/2013

James Alan

Date of Birth: 15.09.1984

My son James was born on the same day as Prince Harry, it was a wonderful experience, further more I worked at Blackbrook as a cleaner for a number of years.

Submitted by Deborah on 04/08/2013


Date of Birth: 21/02/63

I was born at Blackbrook House in the snowy Winter of 1963. My parents Michael and Elsie Stainer lived in Old Turnpike in Fareham where I grew up.

A photo of Katharine

Submitted by Katharine on 05/08/2013

Linda Janet Daniels

Date of Birth: 30-12-1961

I was born about 3.15am just before new year. I have been told by my mother who couldn't decide whether to call me Linda Janet or Janet Linda that the midwife decided. Mum was also told by the midwife that a stay of 12 days wasn't long enough, not like now where it can be as short as 6hrs

A photo of Linda Janet Daniels

Submitted by Linda Janet on 12/08/2013

David Pryke

Date of Birth: 10.05.50

My dear friend Janet Forder asked me to send the photo of me as a baby as I was at Blackbrook on 10 May 1950. My sister Janet (now Janet Buckland) was also born at Blackbrook on 23 January 1952. Unfortunately, at the moment I do not have any baby photos of her

A photo of David Pryke

Submitted by David on 04/09/2013


Date of Birth: 13/09/70

I gave birth to my son Nicholas at 10.50 pm on Sunday 13th September 1970. The staff at Blackbrook were simply wonderful. I visited Blackbrook in March of this year and was shown around, it brought back many happy memories for me. My son is now 43 and living in Tokyo and has a daughter Emily who is 7. She is really interested in the photographs of where her Daddy was born. The photograph is taken today on his 43rd birthday with Emily

A photo of Nicholas

Submitted by BEVERLY on 13/09/2013


Date of Birth: 28-09-85

I came to Blackbrook with my baby Gemma after a fairly traumatic birth (for both of us!) at St. Mary's Hospital in Portsmouth. The staff were wonderful throughout our week-long stay and nothing was ever too much trouble for them (day or night). Gemma now has a little girl of her own (Jasmine Layla Bryan) born on 9th August 2013 in a London hospital. She is very envious when I tell her about my memories of Blackbrook!

A photo of Gemma

Submitted by Carol on 15/09/2013

Daniel James

Date of Birth: 10/2/1985

Daniel was my second child and i was very fortunate to be able to have him delivered at Blackbrook house. It was a wonderful place to have a baby and to spend the first few days with him in a lovely place with exceptionally nice staff. Picture is him at two and a half months with his sister Sam (born in Bournemouth).

A photo of Daniel James

Submitted by Debbie on 20/12/2013

David James McIntear Allen

Date of Birth: 17-09-1975

My son David was born at Blackbrook House on Wednesday, 17th September, 1975. He now lives with his wife Suzanne in Portsmouth. My husband and I live in Swindon. I have happy memories of Blackbrook House. I used to live in Abbey Road in Fareham.

A photo of David James McIntear Allen

Submitted by Elizabeth on 15/01/2014

Lisa hunt

Date of Birth: 24121967

I was born in blackbrook Christmas Eve 1967, my mum was given this hanky. In 1998 I had my son and went to black brook the next day (4th jan) I was the only person there at the time as they were shut over Christmas due to staff shortages.

A photo of Lisa hunt

Submitted by Lisa on 31/01/2014

Shaun Towler

Date of Birth: 13-08-1964

I grew up in the west end, went to St Johns playschool, Wallisdean Infant & Junior School then onto St Annes Secondary School until 1980 I worked at Boundary Oak School for 15 years as a maintenance man. Currently a self employed Plumber married with two girls.

A photo of Shaun Towler

Submitted by shaun on 06/02/2014

Philippa Louise

Date of Birth: 14.12.81

Horrendous breech birth at St Marys. Transferred to Blackbrook (where I was born). Baby taken straight from me and into the caring arms of a midwife. I was the only Mum there until another lady came in the afternoon and then it was just the two of us until we both left. You couldn't have paid for better private care . . . it was incredible and I think a great loss to the community.

A photo of Philippa Louise

Submitted by Penny on 16/02/2014

Maria Louise Privett

Date of Birth: 20/9/72

I loved being in Blackbrook Maternity Home during the birth of my first child Maria Louise Privett. The care and support we were all given in those days was excellent. The house and grounds were beautiful as was the home cooked food. I remember waking up early in the mornings for the first feed and feeling a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity sitting in the lounge where we all fed our babies. As a new "mum" and being only 21yrs old at the time I was made to feel very relaxed and well supervised by all the staff that worked there. Those were the days when the new mum was put first and her comfort and stay was made as pleasant as possible. I returned in 1978 for my second child and again in 1986 for my son. The care and support was still the same and I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to have all my babies there.

A photo of Maria Louise Privett

Submitted by Linda on 16/02/2014


Date of Birth: 20/04/1997

My second baby was born at blackbrook on 20th April 1997 Aaron miller the midwife who delivered him was Jackie heathcoat she was a lovely lady my photo is my son now nearly 17 years on

A photo of Aaron

Submitted by Tara on 19/02/2014


Date of Birth: 26-07-2003

My eldest son was born in Blackbrook, 26th July 2003, I remember attending antenatal classes there and when going round the room I was the only one who had opted to give birth at Blackbrook, everyone else planned on going to hospital then transferring to Blackbrook after. I met one of my now best friends at Blackbrook, I will always have fond memories of it, I was sad when it closed just before my second son was born, I ended up having him at home.

A photo of Scott

Submitted by Kathryn on 16/05/2014

lorretta hammond

Date of Birth: 07/04/1969

I have no actual baby photos of myself so attatched one of when I was at school age. I was born at lunchtime on 7th April 1969 to June Kathleen Rose Hammond who lived in Bishops Waltham when I was born. I recall Mum telling me that there were no beds available when I wanted to be born so staff laid wood over the top of the bath and thats where I was born. I was given the nickname 'Bath Bright' by family members as I was growing up. I've often wondered who the midwife at my birth was and whether she would remember me.

A photo of lorretta hammond

Submitted by lorretta on 11/09/2014


Date of Birth: 12/01/1986

Kyle was born in the morning about 7.30ish,i wasn't at the birth because i had 3 other children in doors, i needed to get back to them, then i had a game of football to play, so i didnt see him until in afternoon here he is at about the age of 4, the Pompey shirt he was wearing was signed by Kit Symons

A photo of KYLE DAVID

Submitted by dave on 10/11/2014

Lynda Marie

Date of Birth: 16.11.1961

Lynda was our first child and she was born in Blackbrook. I was only 21 and very nervous, but the staff, although quite strict, were lovely. We only used to have the babies for feeding time, the remainder of the timne they were in the nursery where only the fathers were allowed to see them, no other visitors. And I think we were only allowed one visitor at a time at prescribed times. When sister carried Lynda out for feeding time she used to say 'Here is flue brush' because she had a mop of black hair. I was in there for 10 days. My son Stephen was also born there in 1967, delivered by a young midwife, he was her first delivery and had his cord round his neck but she was great and he was fine.

A photo of Lynda Marie

Submitted by Ann on 13/11/2014

Teresa Anne Baker

Date of Birth: 15/2/1951

My name is Jackie Wheeler formerly Baker and I am looking for my younger sister. Her birth name is Teresa Anne Baker and she was born 15 February 1951 at Blackbrook House in Fareham near Portsmouth, England. Her birth mother's name is Magdalene Mary Minnell and her birth father's name is Albert Arthur Baker. She has another younger sister Wendy.

A photo of Teresa Anne Baker

Submitted by Jackie on 06/12/2014

Helen Poulter

Date of Birth: 21-04-1953

I was born at Blackbrook. My Mother was living in Gosport at the time but as there was no room at Blake Maternity, she was sent to Fareham. When the time came for me to be taken home, there were no taxis available so I was sent home in the Mayor's car! What a start to life!

A photo of Helen Poulter

Submitted by Helen on 23/08/2015


Date of Birth: 06-06-1951

born the last of ten children mother was very poorly after my birth, the priest was called in and gave her the last rites, father never left her side for days and days. I was sent home to be looked after by my then 15 year old sister. the doctors and nurses worked so hard and mother pulled thru to live a long and happy life. thank you Blackbrook.

A photo of Mel

Submitted by Mel on 21/03/2016

Susan Jean Green

Date of Birth: 26.08.59

I was born in Blackbrook, 26th Aug 1959. Mum & Dad ( Jean & Jesse Green) lived in Meadowbank Road, Fareham and walked to Blackbrook at 2pm. Having been given caster oil, Mum started giving birth whilst in the bath! I was born at 4pm. Bit of a shock for Dad when he returned later! I went to Highlands infants, Fareham Park jnrs & St Anne's. We moved to my Dad's hometown of Lincoln when I was 16.

A photo of Susan Jean Green

Submitted by Susan on 08/01/2017

Date of Birth: 04/01/1965

I was born at Blackbrook House when my father was stationed at H.M.S. Dryad. My father was posted 3 months after I was born, so my mother and I had to return to Peterhead, Scotland. I've always been curious about the place names on my birth certificate. So much so, that I'm visiting the Portsmouth area this April to see where it all began for me.

A photo of

Submitted by Kevin on 23/03/2017


Date of Birth:

I was born at blackbrook on 19/07/1967 to Barbara sharp and Bryant . sadly neither are still alive , nice to see the hospital as ive always known I was born here but never actually seen the place , maybe one day I will visit .

A photo of frederick

Submitted by fred on 30/05/2017


Date of Birth: 06-02-1973

Oscar Cabrera and Susilin Francos (Argentinians) had their first son in this Maternity while Oscar was studying in the royal navy (H.M.S Collingwood). This year is Maximiliano´s 45 anniversary so we wanted to be a part of the Blackbrook House Maternity history by sharing this photo of his birth. Kind regards and the best memories from those days.


Submitted by Julia on 05/02/2018

Jennifer spanner

Date of Birth: 23-04-1981

I was actually born at St Mary’s hospital. But we were then moved to Blackbrook for my mum to recover.

A photo of Jennifer spanner

Submitted by Jennifer on 16/02/2018

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